Grace Tempest
Grace Tempest


Crew of the Diablo, crew of The Nocturne, Molucco Wrathe, Captain of the Nocturne


Connor Tempest






Connor Tempest [Brother] Quintus Antonius Sidorio[Father]

Grace Tempest is the fourteen-year-old twin sister of Connor Tempest. She and Connor share a strong bond. Physically, Grace is not as strong as Connor is, but she is a very clever girl.

Grace’s adventures begin when she and her brother Connor are shipwrecked as they flee from Crescent Moon Bay. She’s rescued by Lorcan Furey and finds herself on a mysterious ship with red deckboards and a circling mist, not to mention a figurehead who comes to life at sunset. Grace is too brave to cower in her cabin, even when the things she overhears on the deck outside convince her that she is indeed on board a ship of vampire pirates. Grace wants answers and she’s not afraid to seek out the the vampirate captain himself to find them. Grace is a smart and sensitive person and she quickly realises that there’s more to this crew than meets the eye. Some of them may fit the description “demons of the oceans” but others defy it. Soon, Grace is making good friends and deep allegiances amongst this intriguing band but is she in danger of getting in out of her depth? Only time will tell.

Grace and Connor are dhampirs.

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